Steve was great very professional and did a great job of explaining the basics to me as a novice. He was extremely patient and I would highly recommend him for anyone wishing to get some knowledge in photography.


Having a father with a gift for drawing, a grandfather with a love of photography and an uncle who ran his own photography business I'm very fortunate that some of the creative family gene has found its way to me.

I love recording life through a lens whether it's bees buzzing around a flower, sunny landscapes or a happy couples first kiss. It's an absolute pleasure to be able to photograph events like weddings; such happy occasions captured forever!


For me photography is a joy, whether at work or play, and the fact that there are boundless creative possibilities means that the future is always exciting!

I offer one-to-one and group training courses and other photography services.

To book a course with me, please visit my website:

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