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We really love working together and complement each other's photography style. And, as there are two of us, we can be in two places at the same time.  


About steve and tania 

We really love working together and complement each other's photography style. And, as there are two of us, we can cover different angles, people and times of day because we can be in two places at the same time.  

We take time to meet you both beforehand to discuss how you want your wedding day captured. By getting to know you, we make sure we capture everything that you have spent so long planning. And by you getting to know us, you will feel more comfortable on the day. We visit the venue to find the best vantage points for your group and couple shots and we keep in touch regularly until your big day.


We are unobtrusive and this is reflected in our natural style of photography. Of course, there has to be a little help with posing groups and some of your couple shots but we promise to keep this short and sweet. The majority of time, we try our best to be invisible, catching perfectly natural moments of you and your loved ones.


We are passionate about photography, both behind the camera and afterwards in the post processing stage, editing every photo you receive in our signature style to ensure you get the very best quality photographs. Please don't take our word for it - read our testimonials.


We'd love to meet you and discuss your special day, tailoring our packages if needed. Please talk to us. We're not salesy at all! Absolutely no pressure. 


Having a father with a gift for drawing, a grandfather with a love of photography and an uncle who ran his own photography business I'm very fortunate that some of the creative family gene has found its way to me.

I love recording life through a lens whether it's bees buzzing around a flower, sunny landscapes or a happy couples first kiss. It's an absolute pleasure to be able to photograph events like weddings; such happy occasions captured forever!


For me photography is a joy, whether at work or play, and the fact that there are boundless creative possibilities means that the future is always exciting!





I’ve always enjoyed photography; there’s something very special about capturing a beautiful scene, an expression, a particular moment in time...

Photographing weddings is just so, so special. Weddings are such joyful occasions and I feel totally blessed to be a part of them. We meet, and come to know, some truly lovely people, and have been fortunate not only to photograph their weddings but their bumps and babies too.


I have a Graphic Design background which I find helps with my photography, and in the post processing.

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