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Camila & Ben's Wedding Photography at De Vere Wotton House in Guildford

Dec 2017

Elegant, sophisticated, charming, beautiful... there simply aren't enough adjectives to describe this wedding! De Vere Wotton House with its Roman temples and acres of manicured grounds is one of the most picturesque venues we've photographed at to date.

Ben and Camila - stars in this Hollywood-like scene - graceful, dazzling, exquisite... well, perhaps I could find more adjectives ... but I think you get my drift!

Everything so Christmassy and beautiful...

What a pleasure it was to have Tania and Steve do our wedding photography. They are both excellent photographers and very organised too. It’s clear that they love what they do. As we got married somewhere new to Tania and Steve, they made sure to research the venue and to explore the ideas of nice shots in advance by spending some time at the venue and testing it all. The result was a very straight forward wedding day, they knew exactly what shots to take and where, making it very organised, fast and capturing the venue in a very special way. Would definitely recommend!!!

And here's a few chosen photos from their day...

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