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Why two wedding photographers?

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

There are many reasons why having two photographers is a great choice for wedding couples.

Different locations

More often than not, the bride is getting ready at one location and the groom at another. These locations can be some distance apart and difficult for one photographer to get from one venue to another easily and in a timely fashion. Having two photographers means both of these important moments of the day can be captured at the same time. This is the only part of the day when you are not together so it's really interesting for you to see what you were both up to!

Bridal and groom preparations happen at the same time of day and in different locations - only by having two photographers could we have captured both events simultaneously.

Different aspects

During the ceremony, two photographers can capture the bride and the groom’s first look and key moments such as the ring exchange and the kiss from both front and back views. Two photographers are ideal for church weddings where the service is a more spiritual experience. Having one photographer stationed at the front and one at the back means minimal movement and disruption allowing us to capture these special moments effectively and unobtrusively.

You can have a record of all of these key moments that happen simultaneously

Simultaneous event coverage

When the formal group photos are happening, one photographer can be taking these while the other captures more candid moments of the mingling and natural interactions between you and your guests.

While the formal group shots are being photographed, the other photographer can capture more candid, natural moments.

Creative shots without missing key moments

Knowing that one photographer has already covered the ‘safe’ shot, the other one can take a few more risks, positioning themselves somewhere to capture a completely different angle without the fear of missing any key moments.

One of us was able to nip up to the balcony for a birds-eye view during the service while the other one was taking the key shots of the ceremony.

Creative shots without taking you away from your guests for too long

Two photographers can set up and rehearse a ‘special’ shot to ensure that settings and lighting are correct before calling you for the actual shot. This means it will now only take a few moments to capture and you can then swiftly return to your evening guests and entertainment.

The Speeches

Perhaps the only time in your life when loved ones really take time to say things they've never said. They're so proud of you. They're so happy for you. Or they just want to rip the fun out of you! Having two photographers during your wedding speeches not only doubles the chance of catching the emotions of the speaker and the couple, the other photographer can focus on the reactions of friends and family, ensuring you have photos of your guests having a great time.

Twice the chance to capture entertaining moments

With two photographers, it's double the chance of capturing all those incidental moments of the day. These moments happen in an instant and cannot be set-up or repeated. We've both got our eyes and ears open - fingers ready on the shutter button.....

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