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We really love working together and complement each other's photography style.   


Nice to meet you...

Hi there, we're Steve and Tania! We met many moons ago, fell in love and soon discovered a mutual passion for photography. Over time this passion grew and eventually led us to photograph our very first wedding - an experience we really enjoyed. For us, love and photography seemed to go hand in hand, so wedding photography became a perfect fit. We found working together came easy and we naturally complemented each other's style. Since then we've not looked back!

Wedding photography

Our style of photography reflects our relationship and personality. We are calm, creative and quietly confident. We like to get to know our couples so that they feel comfortable with us. We will meet you twice prior to your wedding so that we feel like familiar faces on the day. This helps us to melt into the background which creates the space for us to capture events as they naturally happen.

High turnover of weddings is not our cup of tea. We choose to photograph a select number of weddings every year because this allows us to give each one our personal touch.

If you're interested in hiring us for your wedding photography then please visit our contact page

     We cannot thank them enough for how much they have put into our day, for getting to know us and for putting us 100% at our ease. The photos speak for themselves.

Sophie and Mark - full review here..



Having a father with a gift for drawing, a grandfather with a love of photography and an uncle who ran his own photography business I'm very fortunate that some of the creative family gene has found its way to me.

I love recording life through a lens whether it's bees buzzing around a flower, sunny landscapes or a happy couples first kiss. It's an absolute pleasure to be able to photograph events like weddings; such happy occasions captured forever!

For me photography is a joy, whether at work or play, and the fact that there are boundless creative possibilities means that the future is always exciting!



I’ve always enjoyed photography; there’s something very special about capturing a beautiful scene, an expression, a particular moment in time...

Photographing weddings is just so, so special. Weddings are such joyful occasions and I feel totally blessed to be a part of them. We meet, and come to know, some truly lovely people, and have been fortunate not only to photograph their weddings but their bumps and babies too.


I have a Graphic Design background which I find helps with my photography, and in the post processing.



We cannot thank you enough for our beautiful album and photos! We love them! Mark and I sat down and looked through them together this evening. We feel like we’ve relived our day


Steve and Tania were perfect photographers for our special day- everything was so relaxed.  As there are two of them, you get shots from different points of view and it’s so nice to look back and see parts of our day that perhaps we wouldn’t have noticed otherwise 


We are delighted with Steve and Tania’s photos of our daughter’s wedding. Tania was a pleasure to have at our house while getting ready and they took lovely photos in the church without disturbing the service.

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