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What You Get....​

What does being an ethically conscious brand mean?

To work with us, we want you to care about the world. To make efforts in improving the human experience. If you are unsure how to go about this, we can help with that too! Now more than ever, the consumer cares about where their dollar goes and wants to make sure it is aligned with their values. They seek a reflection of themselves in the products and services they buy and deserve to know they’ve left a positive mark in their everyday choices. We know this and expect it from our future clients. It’s not just good marketing, it’s GREAT for all involved because it improves the world we live in. We can help you explore how your brand can be globally conscious or simply help you expose and leverage your causes to the audience you seek.

How involved in the projects will I be? Do I have to have marketing experience?

As the head of your brand, we want you to be as involved as you’d like to be. We reserve the seat of “Head of Marketing” for you. All final decisions move through your atmosphere before reaching the public. We expect you to have contributions in the creative and strategic journey but also understand if you have more important things to handle. It’s why you hired us. So you can focus on bigger picture items. We will determine your communication preferences and provide time to seek your involvement. Don’t have a green thumb? No problem! No need to be an expert in these things...leave the marketing gardening to us!

What Services do you offer?

We offer a variety of services that each can be customized to your unique needs and goal, but we usually breakdown our service into the following categories;

  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Social Media & Influencer Services
  • Visual Productions & Storytelling
  • Branding & Web Design
You can check our our Services Page to learn more.

For a personal price for your wedding please send us your request here...

You'll get a 100% commitment from us. We work really hard to capture the best possible photos for your day. Our reportage style and calm nature make for romantic, relaxed and natural photographs. ​There has to be a little help with posing groups and some of your couple shots but we promise to keep this short and sweet. The majority of time, we try our best to be unobtrusive and invisible, catching perfectly natural moments of you and your loved ones. 

Our prices start at £1500 but all weddings are different so please get in touch with your requirements so that we can provide a personalised quote for you.

Further information on what we offer is below and please do read what our lovely clients say about us and read our FAQ's for lots of other useful information.