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Chris and Beth's Wedding at the Boship Lion Farm Hotel in Hailsham

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Oct 2018

Surprises were the order of the day for Chris and Beth's wedding day at the Boship Lion Farm hotel in Hailsham.

To begin, Beth surprised her Mum by asking her to walk her down the aisle at the very last moment. It was all planned beforehand but Mum would have been too nervous so they decided not to let her know until the very moment! Later, the DJ played a song for Beth that her mum had written and composed especially for her, and they danced together in a super emotional embrace.  Oh, and then another surprise from their beautiful niece who performed a top notch dance for them.

Beth looked simply stunning - a beautiful bride both inside and out. Chris, dapper in his tails and ever the joker throughout the day.

This beautiful, sweet couple with a such warm and sunny dispositions, rain just simply took a back seat.

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